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Aerotechnik L-13 Seh Vivat (For Sale) Watch Listing
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General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $79,500.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Make/Model Aerotechnik L-13 Seh Vivat
Location Austin TX 78734
Condition Used
Swap / Trade No
Contact Information
no maintenance currently Phone: 512-608-5340
Lewis Adams Austin, TX 78734 US
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• 1997 Vivat Motor Glider - Pristine aircraft - NEW PRICE! Have you ever dreamed of riding the thermals, climbing at 1000+fpm, and within minutes finding yourself at cloud base enjoying the cool shade and the rarified air? Whether you've been grinding along in GA all your life or listening to the whine of turbines - dealing with congested airspace and want something that will put the "fun" back into flying...then this aircraft is likely for you! With the sound of the wind in the cockpit, its not unusual to find a gaggle of hawks or buzzards circling in unison off your wingtip - or an eagle or falcon riding the same currents. I've had groups of swallows diving and darting around the cockpit, yes at 5, 6 or even-9,000 ft! I truly hate to sell this wonderful and majestic ship but I'm getting to that "age," and its time to find another good home. If you don't think you might enjoy getting back to the pure joys of stick and rudder flying...then best look elsewhere. However, if you want an aircraft capable of providing you and your passenger endless hours of enjoyment and experiences, then its probably worth a call. BTW - it not only a capable soaring machine but will out climb a cub or a 150, cruise at 80-100+ on only 3-4gal/per/hr. of auto fuel. Another big plus is that its experimental and you can work on yourself. It's never been on the market before and when its gone... its gone! Thanks for looking.


1997 Vivat L-13SE Motor Glider - Experimental category with Flaps & Spoilers, retractable gear, full feathering 3-position prop, Always Hangared, excellent condition, responsive but docile flyer, bubble canopy provides excellent visibility, roomy and comfortable whether soaring or cruising, includes spare engine and custom trailer, no damage, spotless interior and engine compartment, flown regularly, many upgrades, PTT, 720ch, x-ponder, compass, T&B, new updated Vario, plugs, carb, intercom, and more... everything works like new, (or better). A Pristine Ship, only 255TT+- Last inspection October 2019. Meticulously cared for with complete logs from day one.