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Piper Tomahawk (For Sale) Watch Listing
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General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $32,900.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Make/Model Piper Tomahawk
Location OR
Condition New
Swap / Trade No
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Tomahawk Information Sheet Totally refurbished Always hangared Never a trainer 1. Fresh Annual 10/11/2017 No AD's 2. Pitot Static System Check Done 3. Aircraft Total Time 1576.21 4. Engine (Shop Rebuilt) TTSH 192.7hrs TTSN 3703 Engine Overhaul Date 11/11/96 5. Aircraft Stripped, Primed, Painted In + Out 6. All New Connecting Fasteners 7. All New LP Aero Plastic UV Windows 8. All New Wing + Door Seals + Walkways Done 9. New Windscreen Night Light Bar Assembly 10. New Airspeed Indicator 11. New Garmin "C" Transponder "737" 12. New Twin Intercom System 13. New Interior Completed 14. New Tires 15. Reset and Aligned Landing Gear 16. New Brakes 17. New Strobes Installed 18. New Radio Speaker