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2005 Murphy Moose (For Sale) Watch Listing
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$65,000.00 Make an Offer
General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $65,000.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Year 2005
Make/Model Murphy Moose
Location Deluth Mn
Condition Project
Swap / Trade No
Total Time Kit
Contact Information Phone: 920-242-0468
Other Information
Amphibious / Float Experimental / Homebuild Rebuildable Utility


This is a Murphy Moose SR 3500 quick build option complete in the box kit. The Murphy Moose a truly functional aircraft that was designed with the first time builder in mind - a builder who demands the highest quality and value for the dollar and is unwilling to compromise comfort and function. The Murphy Moose was designed in response to numerous builder and prospective customer requests to handle the 360 HP M-14P radial engine. The Moose is offered as a taildragger only and support~ a useful load ranging from 1,600 to 1,800 lbs. A Fantastic Bushplane The two large main doors, removable seats, seat rails that double as cargo tie downs, plus the standard extra large cargo door, make the Moose a real utility plane. The huge cabin interior (two inches wider than a Cessna 180) easily accommodates bulky or long loads such as bikes, skis, furniture, lumber, 55 gallon drums, or camping supplies. The Moose can even accommodate a class of parachute jumpers or be used as a photographic platform with the baggage door removed. Hard points for floats are standard and the wheels are adaptable to oversized tires for short, rough bush strips. You can fly almost anywhere carrying just about anything you want. This is a kit aircraft with great performance and airframe strength, the ability to carry a load and room to stow it ... one fantastic bushplane! - See more at:

Avionics / Equipment

Wings The wings are a very straight forward design. The modified NACA 4415 airfoil is a time proven profile providing a large centre of gravity range. The wing has a constant chord with no washout, which yields reliable stall characteristics and simple assembly. The wing structure consists of three spars (front, main, rear), 12 stringers and 16 ribs. The stringers help the wing skins transfer torsional loads to the rest of the structure. The leading edge is .032, allowing for countersunk rivets (if desired). The first three bays at the root of each wing constitute the Moose's fuel tank holding up to 30 US gallons per wing. The builder has the option to expand the fuel capacity to either 40 or 50 gallons per side for increased range. Wingtips are pre-molded fibreglass with light aluminum sub structures. The wing is supported by a single custom extruded strut with a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" square tube running through its length - another fail-safe fitting. - See more at:


Fuselage The fuselage utilizes semi-monocoque construction. Bulkheads are stamped 6061-T6 aluminum and are self-aligning with the side skins. A sub-floor is installed over the lower bulkheads providing a solid base and a flat floor for storing cargo. The cabin area is built over two immensely strong longitudinal spars providing a clean floor from the firewall to the back of the cargo area (120 inches). This cantilevered floor makes it possible for the Moose to have large cabin doors giving easy en tty and exit. Two high back adjustable bucket seats are provided up front and a wide based bench seat in the rear can be replaced with optional bucket seats for total control over your seating arrangements. The back seat gives ample leg and shoulder room, and together with the optional large side windows and cabin skylights, rear seat visibility is excellent. Optional seat upholstery kits in fabric or leather is available in many different patterns allowing you to customize your interior. The centre of the floor has an access tunnel that run, from the forward cabin to aft of the cargo area. Fuel lines, brake lines and controls are concealed beneath the floor in this tunnel. Loads can be tied down with no fear of jamming controls or interfering in any way with the normal operation of the Moose. The cargo area is cavernous with easy access to the back through a massive cargo door. With the back seat removed, the cargo area increases substantially allowing you to carry almost anything you can pickup! Alternately, add the optional rear jump seat and turn your Moose into a six seat crew cab. Flight tests have shown that the Moose flies the same with or without the cargo door in place, for those who might enjoy skydiving or removing the door for photography. - See more at:

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Options The Moose continues the versatility theme with a range of available engine options. Whether you are regularly carrying heavy loads or operating from restricted strips or simply enjoy the peace of mind of American power, the big, smooth running 6-cylinder 0-540 series from Lycoming is for you. Need a little more power, the I0-540 keeps the smoothness but adds a little extra for those hot days. Murphy Aircraft can sell you a factory new Lycoming engine at special OEM prices that may surprise you! Want the ultimate in performance and looks? Go for the Russian M-14P radial engine generating 360 hp. that will make that take-off at gross weight look like child's play! Optional configurations bring the power up to 400 hp too! Maybe it's the lure of a radial engine starting, puffing smoke or the need for the ultimate power source, either way the M-14P will make your Moose stand-out on the ramp. - See more at:


This kit for sale has the fast built option. This cuts build time in half. Fast Build Option Your Fast Build Moose is delivered to you with the following structures partially completed. Certain skins, which must be removed to allow for inspection, are finished, but held in place with temporary soft aluminum rivets. Wings - These are complete except for the fiberglass wing tip. Fuel tanks are sealed and pressure tested. Bottom wing skins are temporarily installed and require final riveting. Tailfeathers - These are complete except for the aerodynamic balances. Bottom skins are temporarily installed. Ailerons and Flaps - Partially assembled, and in the case of the ailerons, again the aerodynamic balances must be completed. These control surfaces are ready to mount on the wings for final adjustment. Bottom skins are temporarily installed. Fuselage - Perhaps the most impressive assembly since it's ready to go on its gear, and the wings, including the lift struts, can be bolted in place. The builder can climb right inside and start working in the cabin to complete the installation of the controls, doors, inner floor, seats, windows, and instrument panel. Fully approved and meeting the 51% rule, meticulously assembled by skilled technicians and quality controlled, the Fast Build Moose kit brings a new dimension to the design philosophy of Murphy Aircraft. Your family bushplane, perhaps something that would have remained only a dream to many, is now an achievable goal, even to the most reluctant builder. - See more at: