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2001 Christen Talon I (For Sale) Watch Listing
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$128,500.00 Make an Offer
General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $128,500.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Year 2001
Make/Model Christen Talon I
Location Ralston WY 82440
Condition Used
Swap / Trade No
Total Time 1462.5
Engine 1 / Engine 2 Overhaul 60.7 /
Prop 1 / Prop 2 Overhaul 61 /
Year Painted / Interior 2011 /
Number of Seats 1
Flight Rules VFR
Contact Information
Phone: 307-250-1584
Dick Fennell Ralston, WY 82440 USA
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Other Information
Aerobatic Experimental / Homebuild Utility


In 1978 there were a total of 5 Eagle One single seat fuselages completed. The first three went to the Eagle Aerobatic Team and the 4th one was used by Christen Industries as a demo aircraft to perform at Oshkosh and other select venues. The fifth fuselage, which is now the Talon Eagle, was used for R and D purposes. This fuselage was designed to take the IO 540 and not a mock up from the Eagle 2 fuselage. The wing attach fittings were moved forward to accommodate double swept wings. This was to be a new designed wing with full span ailerons and wide chord technology. The project was never completed beyond that and was acquired by Mr. Pete Gneadinger a long time Christen employee. Dan McClung purchased the project in 1999 and started construction on the single seat super biplane. It was complete in November of 2001. This plane has a rich history from a company of the extremely successful Christen Eagle II. But make no mistake, this biplane is a beast with roll rates approaching that of monoplanes and performance only superseded by the new half million dollar biplanes. You will not be disappointed in the appearance or performance for any application.

Avionics / Equipment

• 2 fuel tanks for a total capacity of 50 US gallons • Larger rudder, horizontal stabs and elevators • New rudder cables • 7.5 gallon smoke tank with high flow pump • UPS Sl 70 radio/GPS and transponder with altitude reporting with current check • All digital engine gauges • Engine monitor • Portable ELT • Seat reclined 31 degrees for comfort and high G performance with Oregon Aero cushion. • Clock and stopwatch • HOTAS operated smoke system • Custom Double swept (Upper and lower) swept wings for greater snap and roll rates • Carbon fiber cowl and wheel pants • Painted with Eagle scheme red, white and black using PPG Aerospace Desothane high solids polyurethane paint • Spring gear, wheels and brakes by Grove industries. • Hooker harness • Custom built single seat canopy with dual locks • Polyester fabric recovered in 2011 • Built in jack pads on wheels


Top speed​​260 mph Cruise speed​ ​ 170 mph TAS at 13.5 gallons per hour Take off distance​180 feet Landing distance​1700 feet Maximum roll rate​375 degrees per second Max climb rate ​5000 feet per minute Aerobatic maneuvers……UNLIMITED

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine: • AEIO 540 D4A5 serial number 21527-06 By Penn Yan Aero • 335 HP • Cold air induction • 6 into 1 exhaust • Lycon 11:1 pistons • Sky Dynamics high lift rocker arms • Featherweight flywheel • Cryogenic processing on crankshaft and cam • Precision Airmotive custom servo • All AD’s complied with • 0 time March 5, 2016 Propeller: • MTV-9-B-C /C203-25 • The latest and greatest from MT Propeller with wide chord technology. • 0 time March 5, 2016


Extras included: • Oil filters • Smoke filler hose • Other miscellaneous specialized parts and tools • Extra set of flying wires • Extra set of rudder cables • Custom sighting device​ Other extras at addition cost: • New canopy bubble FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Dick Fennell​Office 307-754-369605 ​​​Cell 307-250-1584 ​​​Email