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$550.00 Drexel, MO
Bendix King KLN89B TSO GPS non-precision approach, enroute, etc. with mounting tray, data card, data cable, related manuals and paperwork. Recently pulled from panel in working order. The unit to be sold as is with no guarantee/warranty implied.... Read More >>
$1,850.00 Drexel, MO
Bendix King KLN94 TSO GPS with the following accessories: - Mounting tray with wiring harnesses - GPS hull antenna - Data card - Midcontinent MD41-528 28 volt annunciator with wiring harnesses Was recently removed from panel in working order. The unit has a replacement "Menu" button due to the original button wearing out and functions as it should. Unit is currently configured for VFR use only, but can be configured for IFR enroute... Read More >>
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