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S-Mode Transponder w/ ADS-B & GPS out solution (For Sale) Watch Listing
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General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $10.00
Category Avionics
Make/Model 88
Condition New
Contact Information
Phone: 619-743-6712
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Non-Profit PRA Raffle on 7/15/2019 with only 65 people in the raffle offers a real possible $10 solution for Trig's ADS-B out bundle S-Mode Transponder, GPS, and antenna Or we will PAY you the $2,667 value toward the system you WISH. The good news for those in this drawing there is only 65 people in it so far with 165 tickets sold which means the odds of actually wining is real, unlike the lottery. We had hoped we could give one away a month... But happy to provide at least one person with the cheapest solution for the mandated ADS-B Out solution.