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2016 Backcountry Super Cub (For Sale) Watch Listing
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$235,000.00 Make an Offer
General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $235,000.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Year 2016
Make/Model Backcountry Super Cub
Location CA
Condition Used
Swap / Trade No
Contact Information
Phone: 530-412-2113
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Other Information


The new Backcountry Super Cub Rev2. 1365lbs on AKBW 35" tires. Barrett Built Superior O360 (200 hp) with Whirlwind constant speed prop (only 50 hours on prop), Keller Flaps extend to 85 degrees, Leading edge slats, Garmin G3 touch, TK1 Monster Shocks, T3 Tail suspension, Advantage Aero Control stick mod, Cleveland double puck breaks, P mags, EarthX battery, 1185lb useful load, large cargo area with huge access door, Matco tail wheel, Float kit and so much more. TT on aircraft and engine is 170 hours since new. Fresh condition inspection as of July 16th, 2017. Its truly a one of a kind aircraft. Lands under 200' with full load no question. Aircraft is in mint condition. There are currently only two of them in the world flying. Love this bird and really torn on selling it. Will more than likely regret selling it once its gone.