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1968 Nanchang Cj-6a (For Sale) Watch Listing
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General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $65,500.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Year 1968
Make/Model Nanchang Cj-6a
Location 2931 Boeing Road Cameron Park CA 95682
Condition Used
Swap / Trade No
Contact Information
Phone: 530-677-9760
Dennis Nickson 2931 Boeing Road Cameron Park, CA 95682 United States
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June, 2017 N46CJ 1968 Nanchang CJ6a. Airframe approximately 4413.1 total hours. Engine TT 2512.7 hours. 575.1 hours since engine OH. Airframe serial number: 2532049 Condition Inspection 9-3-2016. It will be due on October 1, 2017 Narration: I bought this CJ from Marcus Bates, Jr. in 2002 after I visited him in Austin Texas and flew the plane for the first time. He had put the plane together after he removed all the Chinese avionics and instruments and it was a day VFR aircraft with no radios or instruments past the minimum pressure gauges and engine gauges. The Chinese canopy glass had been replaced with American glass, but the canopy did not operate well. Installing new bearings made the canopies operate smoothly as they do now. New canopy glass was installed in the front cockpit and the original was scratched badly. The control surfaces have been recovered with life time Dacron and all control surface bearing were replaced by Bates prior to my ownership. I arranged for Pacific Coast Avionics to build for me a custom wiring harness to provide for an Apollo GPS, transponder, electric turn coordinator and various other instruments. He installed the harness and radios and such and designed a new simple panel at the front cockpit. I have since added an EI amp/volt gauge, EGT and CHT. The rear cockpit was stripped of everything to eliminate the complexity of front and back gear, flaps, trim and all including all instruments and gauges. There are power levers ( throttle, mixture, prop controls ), full stick and rudder controls, an American Altimeter and Airspeed ( knots ) and lastly a slip/skid indicator. There is a radio push to talk button on the front and rear brake handle on the stick. There was already installed a spin on oil filter on the right side of the firewall, which has been in constant use to this day. The oil lines to the Cooler were replaced. There was a custom mount machined for a Delco 28 volt Alternator. That initially failed and Marcus machined a revised design that has been working well since. The Delco Alternator has been recently and completely overhauled by Georges Electric in Sacramento. A new internal regulator installed that causes the alternator to start making amps at a lower rpm ( about 1200 rpm now ). There is a K and N air filter mounted in a custom air intake box. There were no gill shutters at the time I flew the plane home to O61 here in Northern California. There are gills now with linkage and I recently replaced/repaired many of the vanes. Works well now. A full canopy cover ( Bruce’s ) is included with the aircraft. I have had the benefit of two very knowledgeable and talented men who help me maintain and repair my aircraft. They are my friends and keep me safe! Avionics: Apollo GX-65 GPS/Com, Bendix King KT-76C digital transponder with Mode C encoder. PS Engineering PM-1200 Intercom ( designed for high noise radial engine aircraft ) Electronics International ( EI ) volt/amp gauge. Ekonomix EGT guage. CHT gauge, G meter, List of items replaced or repaired during my ownership is very extensive. Call or write for detailed narration and list.