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2003 Aviat Christen Eagle Ii (Accepted Offer/Sold) Watch Listing
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General Information
Sale Status Accepted Offer/Sold
Price $74,000.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Year 2003
Make/Model Aviat Christen Eagle Ii
Location EC
Condition Used
Swap / Trade No
Contact Information
Annie Phone: 782-902-8614
Annie Boon EC South Africa
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Built 2003, First Flight 2004 This A/C is in an exceptionally good condition, and has been re-sprayed. Equipment Specifications: Year: 2003 (First Flight 04-01-2004) Manufacturer: Brando Industries Model: Christian Aviat Eagle II Flight Rules VFR Number of Seats: 2 Total Time Air Frame: 167.5hrs Airframe capable of +6 G’s to -4 G’s 25 Gallons of fuel Engine Specifications: Total Time Engine: 1034hrs Lycoming HIO-360-CIA (210HP) Inverted Oil System Prop: Total Time Since New: 167.5 Hartzel HC-C2YK-4CF/PC 7666A-2 Two-Blade Variable Pitch Performance: Stall Speed: 58mph Cruise Speed: 155-210 mph Max Speed: > 210mph Never Exceed Speed: 210mph Roll Rate: 187 Degrees/Second Rate of Climb: 2120fpm Range: 380nm Inverted oil system CSU unit Invert endurance Unlimited… Avionics/Radios/Equipment: Two-Place Intercoms, Narco COM 810 VHF Radio, Digital Fuel Flow Gauge, G-Meter, ASI, Rev Counter, Altimeter, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Manifold Pressure, Slip Indicator, E.G.T, Time Clock, Amp Meter, Volt Meter Additional Equipment: Wheel Pants, Designed Canopy Cover Electrical: B & C AMP gear driven alternator, B & C light weight starter, 25 gill aerobatic battery Exterior: Finished in a High Gloss White, Red + Black Checkers (2015) Excellent condition always hangered Interior: Two-Seats with removable cushions with Throttle quadrant and rudder pedals for front seat occupant. Full 5 point Christian seatbelt system Pilot and passenger.