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1975 Calvin Parker Teenie Two (For Sale) Watch Listing
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General Information
Sale Status For Sale
Price $8,000.00
Category Single Engine Piston
Year 1975
Make/Model Calvin Parker Teenie Two
Location NJ 08060
Condition Used
Swap / Trade Yes
Total Time 590
Engine 1 / Engine 2 Overhaul 280 /
Number of Seats 1
Contact Information

NJ 08060
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Other Information
Aerobatic Experimental / Homebuild


This is in flying condition. Ready to go with no hesitations. I am currently flying this plane so times will go up slightly. It is just a joy to fly, very responsive yet not what I would call twitchy. I have over 220 hours in this plane that are all trouble free. It is enclosed plus has the windshield if you feel like going back to open air flying (very cool)! Burn rate is a true 2.3 to 2.4 GPH of regular unleaded. It's by far the cheapest flying you'll ever be able to do that will get you over 100 MPH. Full 1600 VW with custom prop. Cruise prop also available. Would consider partial trade towards a Murphy Rebel, Avid or other STOL type aircraft that has two seats. Let me know what you have. Any questions, please ask but be serious and no one liner, "Do you still have this", or " send pics". I'm a very serious seller. Thanks

Avionics / Equipment

No electrical system. It does have a PTT switch in the stick grip to plug into your handheld.


All aluminum with 4130 gear. Pushrod tubes make this aircraft handle extremely well and easy to fly.

Engines / Mods / Prop

1600 VW, Great Plains parts. Prop is a custom wood climb prop from Oak, very durable and smoothly balanced. Looks great as well.

Interior / Exterior

Interior is very minimal in these aircraft. This one has 2" of foam and a padded backrest. I've flown for over 1.5 hours and not been uncomfortable. I'm also 6'1" tall, and 190lbs and the plane will climb at close to 1200 fpm! No lack of power, off the ground in 600 on grass and 350 on pavement.


You have got to fly this plane! I am a commercial pilot with almost 4,000 hours and time in 60 different makes and models. It is still in my top three planes that anyone has to try. It is just a pure blast. Not to mention the looks you get when you take it to other airports! Please don't hesitate to contact with serious inquiring. Willing to trade for a two seat aircraft. Thanks.